Vine Wealth

Vine Wealth

At VINE Group – We’re not just in the Mortgage Business; we’re in the People Business!

If it’s important to you – It’s important to us!

We care about you as a client so that means we care about your total financial health. That’s why we’ve created VINE Wealth, a holistic approach to your overall financial health and well-being.

VINE Wealth goes beyond the mortgage and offers you a personalized ‘Gap Analysis©’ with best-selling author and wealth advisor, Peter Kinch. The ‘Gap Analysis©’ helps you identify the gap in your current retirement plan and helps you build a strategy to address it. We start with the end in mind and work backwards to make sure every investment decision is made in the context of achieving your goal!

More and more Canadians are concerned today about their financial future and plans for retirement.

  • Fear of volatility in the stock market
  • Fear of bubbles in the housing market

The need for a holistic financial plan has never been greater.

That’s why VINE Wealth goes beyond just real estate or the stock markets.

The wealthiest families, Pension Funds and Endowment funds in North America have one thing in common – they diversify their investments over three non-correlating asset classes:

  • Real Estate
  • The Public Markets
  • Private Equity

Vine Wealth asks a simple question:

If that’s the way Institutional Money diversifies their portfolio – Shouldn’t you?

VINE Wealth is designed to do just that.

Start with a Gap Analysis© to discover where you can improve on your current retirement plan and find out what role your Mortgage plays in your overall financial plan. With VINE Group you now have the ability to get professional unbiased holistic financial advice with every Mortgage.

That’s not just Wealth – that’s VINE Wealth!

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